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Mary in May

Saint John Paul II

"Mary's memory is a source of singular importance for knowing Christ, an incomparable source. Mary is not only a witness to the mystery of the Incarnation, in which she knowingly co-operated. She also followed step by step the gradual self-revelation of her son as he was growing up beside her".

There are so many reasons for our loving Mary, but foremost among them is that within her memory we have unique insight into the wonderful richness of her Son. lf we want to know more about Jesus, his Mother is the living resource from whom we can learn. Her heart contains treasures of knowledge and experience which we can find nowhere else. And they are there for the asking. Mary's vocation is to reveal Jesus. She gave life to him within her own body for that very reason. She carried him within herself for nine months, just for that one reason. All she ever wants is to share him with others. Mary's insights, her memories, her intimate, personal understanding of her Child's identity and history - all this, she yearns for us to see through her eyes.

Madonna and Child Saints

through her we may see him made sweeter, not made dim, and her hand leaves his light sifted to suit our sight

Gerard Manley Hopkins

That is why the Rosary is so vitally important in the life of the catholic christian. It is our Lady's picture-book. Day by day, if we will let her, the Mother of Jesus, the Help of Christians, turns the pages for us, helping us to look at the Gospel images, bringing them to life for us, focusing our imagination along fresh paths, as the beads direct our pondering on Mysteries of Joy, Light, Sorrow and Glory. It is fascinating to see how for many teenagers the rosary has become a fashion accessory - once David Beckham took to wearing one; many young people have followed his example and have bought rosaries.


The next step is to introduce a new generation to the meaning of the prayer. ln our homes, in our schools, in our churches, we should be handing on this simple devotion which has formed Christians down the centuries. The use of the rosary is a great means of grace. The truths of the Gospel are rooted in our minds and hearts. Mary's memory becomes our memory. Value the rosary as a very special gift - teach it to your children - pray it with them, every day.

Story by Fr Christopher Colven

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