St. James Spanish Place

St James's

Roman Catholic Church

Spanish Place


Time of Masses

Current Mass times are:-

Weekdays: 12.30pm & 6pm (church open from Midday)

Saturdays: 10am & 6pm (church open from 9.30am)

Sundays: 10.30am (Solemn with choir, live stream & public)

Midday, 4pm & 7pm (church open from 7.30am)


At present, CONFESSIONS  are heard only on request: please feel free to ring the bell at the rectory at any (reasonable!) time and ask for a priest.


You are asked to leave a Red Sheet on the seat you have used so that it can be sanitised for the next user. If you have a smart phone you will find a QR bar code near the doors which can be scanned and connects to the NHS app tracking & tracing Covid-19. If you do not have the app you can continue to leave details on the back of a red sheet.


Live Stream

Please help the parish either by a one-off donation or by a commitment to regular giving

Mass is streamed at 6pm on Weekdays and 10.30am on Sundays


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St James's

Roman Catholic Church

Spanish Place, 22 George Street

London, W1U3QY

England, UK

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