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Pastoral Letter

Cardinal's Lenten Appeal 2023

Funds raised this year will be shared between the four pillars of the Cardinal’s Lenten Appeal: Marriage & Family Life; Youth & Evangelisation; The Education Service and Caritas Westminster. The effects of the pandemic, followed by the cost of living crisis, are still making daily life harder for all. Price rises last year meant many families faced an impossible choice: HEAT or EAT? And this crisis is far from over. The Church continues to respond, with thousands of people putting their faith into action by serving those in need. Cardinal Nichols has expressed his gratitude to everyone who supports the Appeal, with whatever they can afford. And for those who can’t give financially, your time is a priceless commodity - please see the posters on how you can volunteer in the diocese and help those in need. Please take a donation envelope today, for more information. You can use the QR code to make your donation online. Thank you for your generosity.

Posters feature a ‘QR Code’ that can be scanned with a phone camera to give online. Click to view instructions on how to use QR codes.

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