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St Vincent de Paul Society Donation Appeal

St Vincent de Paul Society Donation Appeal, December 8th, 2023

SVP (St Vincent de Paul Society) are looking for your help. 


Since 1994, we have been hosting a soup run twice per week, providing 75-90 meals per run to the homeless and those in need. Not only does this provide sustenance, but also allows us to engage those in the community who are less fortunate, to potentially assist in other ways. Below is a quick summary of our impact:

  • 9,000 meals served per year, ~150,000 meals served over the course of the project;

  • Every year at Christmas, we provide £25 gift vouchers to approximately 170 people. The vouchers are used to purchase clothing, sleeping bags, tents and hygienic items; and

  • Positive Impact on over 10,000 people since inception.


Our current challenges


Reliability of food donations - we rely on local grocers, fast food chains and restaurants to donate leftover hot meals, sandwiches, baked goods, fruit, and other items at the end of their day -perfectly good food that would otherwise go to waste. However, since the pandemic, local chains have been reducing the amount of stock in-store, to cut costs associated with food wastage. As a result, there are fewer reliable sources of food donations.


The cost of living crisis has hit those in need and homeless hardest - We see the direct impact of the cost of living crisis on this community via our soup runs and further outreach. This Christmas, we anticipate need for over 100 thermals, underwear and winter coats, far more than in recent past.



How you can help?

Pledge to donate food items on an ongoing basis: We have a need for the following items on an ongoing basis:

a. Sandwiches

b. Hot meals

c. Soup

d. Baked goods

e. Fruit

f. Coffee (ground beans) and Teabags

g. Disposable containers, cutlery, clingfilm, and napkins

Donate funds: Which would be used to provide gift vouchers to the homeless/needy and purchase food in bulk quantities. We accept cash and bank transfer donations, and always welcome Gift Aid (see attached sheet).

Bank Transfer Details:

Account Name: A220108 SVP ST JAMES – SPANISH PLACE

Sort code: 60-60-04

Account Number: 46079858

Donate your time: We meet Tuesday and Friday at 5:30pm in the basement of St James’s Roman Catholic Church to collate all the food items and distribute to those in need, and can always use more active volunteers.



We look forward to discussing how your active involvement can help shape and drive our community forwards. Click to read or print a PDF version of this appeal!

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