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Stephen B. Whatley

Stephen B. Whatley is an expressionist painter, published in TIME magazine, whose major commissions include architectural paintings for public institutions including the BBC, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London – where his work is permanently reproduced throughout Tower Hill Underpass at Tower Hill. He has been presented to HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in recognition of his work. Out of darkness comes forth light. In 1981, aged 16, Stephen B. Whatley suffered the tragic loss of his beloved, devoted mother Marjorie J. Whatley (1943-1981; a Memorial page of tributes to his mother is now on his website). The devastating bereavement lead the artist on a search for spiritual depth both in his life and art; and whilst he was born an Anglican, he became attracted to the devotions within the Catholic Church – to which he converted in 2011. He is happy that his work touches so many Christians, whether they be Catholics, Anglicans or Episcopalians.

Since 2000, he has been drawn to make statements of prayer and faith; often painting on specific anniversaries and Feast Days – with what he humbly calls a “divine push’, creating both works of hope and light. His Christian tribute paintings are in private collections worldwide and public collections including Westminster Cathedral, London ; Newman University, Birmingham (UK) ; and Saint Dominic’s Priory, London in the UK ; The Carrollton School of The Sacred Heart in Miami, USA and The Institute of The Marist Brothers, Canada. The header painting of our Patron 'St James the Greater (featured) is a part of Stephen's Painted Prayers Series.

St James the Greater, Stephen B. Whatley, 2013

Saint Benedict
For The Love of Christ
Divine Mercy For Humanity The World

Stephen B. Whatley, Christian Tributes

Stephen B. Whatley is noted for his spontaneous work on location and painting major architectural landmarks, often in anniversary years. Public commissions include five architectural paintings for the BBC; and paintings of Buckingham Palace, both painted on location, to promote the Summer Opening of the Palace, via London Underground posters: an exterior view of the Palace for the Royal Collection (which hangs today in Her Majesty‘s London residence); and a painting of the Grand Staircase. Recently he was commissioned to create cityscapes on location in Hong Kong.

The Spirit of St Jamess Church Spanish P

The Spirit of St James’s Church, Spanish Place: 125th Anniversary Tribute. 2015

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Stephen B. Whatley has donated his work to raise funds for charities, most recently having his tribute painting of Fred Flintstone auctioned to raise funds for the Joss Searchlight Children’s Cancer Support Charity. We are thankful to acknowledge Stephen's The Spirit of St James’s Church, Spanish Place: 125th Anniversary Tribute. Stephen will always be a part of the Spanish Place story.

Stephen B. Whatley
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