A very warm and sincere “THANK YOU” to all who worked so hard to make Saint James’s Day so memorable. Our gratitude goes especially to those who provided such an excellent feast downstairs as well as to those who made our splendid music, and to those who prepared the church and served the altar.

The Bishops of England & Wales ask us to observe an annual DAY FOR LIFE
which this year falls today Sunday 27th July. There will be a retiring collection for pro-life activities after each Mass. “Every one of us, young and old alike can play our part in the promotion of life. Our every thought, word or action can promote or extinguish life”. 

Looking a little way ahead, the Day for Mary organisation are here in Spanish Place on Saturday 9th August and the Assumption of Our Lady (which is a Holy Day of Obligation) is celebrated on Friday 15th August. There will be Masses offered at 6pm Vigil on Thursday 14th, and on the feast itself at 7.15am, 11am (in the Extraordinary Form), 12.30pm, 6pm and 7pm (with a small choir).

Monsignor Jamieson is offering to run a short course (of a couple of sessions) for those who read at Mass – this would be some time in August. Any takers? Either speak to Monsignor or to Sue in the parish Office.

On Saturday 27th September, DePaul UK (the charity for homeless people which has a long connection with Saint James’s) will be celebrating 25 years working in this country with a Mass of Thanksgiving celebrated in Westminster Cathedral at 2pm by Cardinal Nichols. If you would ice a ticket for the Mass please call 020 7939 1270 or visit their website at

The Sunday Children’s Liturgy is now taking a well-earned break until the beginning of the new school year in September. We are grateful to those who give of their time and skills to help form the youngest in our parish community – new volunteers are always welcome.

Day for Life Prayer … “We thank you Lord for the gift of life. Holy Mary, Mother of love, holding in your arms the fruit of your womb, graciously look upon our earth and remove from it all that hardens our hearts and dims our eyes to the preciousness of human life form the moment of conception to natural death.  Through the example of your tenderness teach us the ways of compassion and love that we may build up the civilization of love mooing us and a society that is truly worthy of the human person. Help us to reject all that contributes to a culture of death, and to work with others of good will in promoting the culture of life. Bring us ever closer to your Son, so that we may know the fullness of life that he offers us, and come to know that life more perfectly, with you and all the angels and saints, in the eternal life of heaven. Amen”.

Last week’s giving £2,454 (includes envelopes but not bankers' orders, etc.)