This Sunday is being observed nationally as SEA SUNDAY when we are asked to pray for the work of the Apostleship of the Sea in all that the charity does for the spiritual and physical welfare of  those who work (often far from their families and homeland) on the sea. There will be a collection taken at the main door for the Apostleship after all Masses.


SAINT JAMES’S DAY is on Thursday week 25th July and the celebrant and preacher this year is to be Bishop Alan Hopes of East Anglia. The Solemn Mass will be at 7pm with a party afterwards in the social centre. Please ring the date in your own diary and begin to encourage others to join you for what is always a glorious celebration. This year the music (by Gabrieli, Bancieri, Victoria & Lappo) is to be accompanied by His Majesty’s Sagbutts & Cornets – which will provide a new experience for most of us!


Our thoughts and prayers are with Saint Vincent’s School as staff and pupils come to the end of the school year later this week. There is a Mass on Thursday for those leaving to move into secondary education. We are proud of the achievements of our school which has consistently been judged as outstanding in every aspect of its life.


Someone recently emailed the parish office with an offer to help with driving the SVP van. Could that person please make contact again?


Maria Peres has cleaned the church for the past twenty-four years. She retires at the end of July to live in her native Portugal. She goes with our gratitude for all the faithful hard work she has offered Saint James’ through so many years. We hope that she will have a long and happy retirement among her family.


Next Sunday, 21st July, Saint Peter’s Italian church in Clerkenwell have their annual street procession in honour of our Lady of Mount Carmel. It begins at 3,30pm. As well as the colourful procession with its tableau and floats there are all kinds of food available in the roads around Saint Peter’s. If you have never been to witness this part of Italy come to London don’t miss it this year!

Last weekend’s giving: £3,420