The weekly email Newsletter is sent out every Sunday morning to those who choose to subscribe to the service.

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If you have not received a Newsletter on the Sunday following your subscription it is possible that your Spam filter has rejected it or that it has been filed as Junk Mail by your email program/application. These settings are easy to change by following the steps in the Help system built into the program/application. If you encounter difficulties in making these changes please seek the advice of your software vendor.

There are rare instances where emails are rejected by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If the Spam filter and/or Junk Mail settings in your program/application are not blocking the emails then it is likely that your ISP is blocking the emails (this is done through what are known as RBL lists, which prevents emails from specific Domains reaching the recipient. This is a form of Spam filtering that is done at the ISP level). Please contact your ISP if you believe this is the case.

If you are still having difficulties after pursuing the above steps please send us an email using our contact form with as much detail as possible.