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The Rector writes ...   

 “The living water of the Holy Spirit” – St Cyril of Jerusalem (315-386)

“The Holy Spirit comes with the heart of a true protector; he comes to save, to heal, to teach, to admonish, to strengthen, to console, to enlighten the  mind, first of those who receive him, then, through them, the minds of others also”.

  “The effects of the Holy’s Spirit’s action” – St Basil the Great (330-379)

“Who is there who can hear the names of the Holy Spirit and not feel exultation in soul and a lifting up of thought to that supreme nature? For he is called the Spirit of God, the Spirit of truth, who proceeds from the Father, the upright Spirit, the guiding Spirit. His chief and distinguishing name is Holy Spirit. To the Spirit all creatures turn for their sanctification: all who live virtuously seek him, and are, by his influence refreshed and helped towards their own natural end. He is the source of holiness, the light of understanding, for to every mind he offers his own light for the discovery of truth. Though by nature he is inaccessible, yet through his generosity we can receive him in ourselves. He fills all creatures with is power, but only those who are worthy can participate n him. But all do not share in him in the same measure: he distributes his power in proportion to our faith.

He is impel in essence, but manifold in power. He is present to each in his fullness, and in his fullness is present everywhere. He is divided, but does not suffer by the division; all share in him, but he remains whole, like a sunbeam whose kindly influence benefits each creature as though it were present to that creature alone, and shines over land and sea and dissolves in the air. So too the Spirit is present like the sun to each individual who is capable of receiving him, and emits an influence which is sufficient to help them all, but is not divided; and they profit by sharing in him according to their natures, not according to his power. Through him hearts are raised on high, the weak are led by the hand, those who are advanced gain perfection. He it is who shines on those whose hearts are purified and stainless, and makes them truly spiritual through the common union they have with him.

Even as bright and shining bodies, once touched by a ray of light falling on them become even more glorious and themselves cast another light, so too souls that carry the Spirit, and are enlightened by the Spirit, become spiritual themselves and send forth grace upon others. This grace enables them to foresee the future, to understand mysteries, to grasp hidden things, to receive spiritual blessings to have their thoughts fixed on heavenly things, and to dance with the angels. So is their joy unending, so is their perseverance in God unfailing, so do they acquire likeness to God”.

          “On the sending of the Holy Spirit” – St Irenaeus (130-202)

“The Lord promised to send us the Holy Spirit to make us fit for God’s purposes. Just as dry flour cannot coalesce into a lump of dough, still less a loaf, without moisture, so we too, being many, could not become one in Jesus Christ without the water which comes from heaven. And just as dry soil cannot bear fruit unless it receives moisture, so we, who to begin with are dry wood, can never bear the fruit of life unless the rain from heaven falls upon our wills. For our bodies through the water of baptism have received the unity which leads to freedom from corruption; but our souls have received it through the Spirit”.

Christopher Colven